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The 20 Best Boston Celtics Players of All-Time

The Boston Celtics have a storied history in the NBA, filled with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the franchise and the league as a whole. Ranking the 20 best Boston Celtics players of all time is a challenging task, as the team has had so many iconic figures throughout its history. However, here is a list of the top 20 Celtics players based on their impact on the franchise, individual achievements, and contributions to the team’s success:

  1. Bill Russell (Center, 1956-1969) – Russell is widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, winning 11 championships with the Celtics and dominating on the defensive end with his shot-blocking and rebounding.
  2. Larry Bird (Forward, 1979-1992) – Bird was a three-time NBA champion, three-time MVP, and one of the most iconic players in Celtics history. His scoring, passing, and basketball IQ were legendary.
  3. Paul Pierce (Forward, 1998-2013) – Pierce, also known as “The Truth,” was the face of the Celtics in the 2000s, leading them to an NBA championship in 2008 and earning Finals MVP honors.
  4. Bob Cousy (Guard, 1950-1963) – Cousy was an instrumental part of the Celtics’ early success, winning six NBA titles and earning 13 All-Star selections during his career.
  5. Kevin McHale (Forward, 1980-1993) – McHale was a versatile forward and a key member of the Celtics’ championship teams in the 1980s, known for his scoring and shot-blocking.
  6. Bill Sharman (Guard, 1951-1961) – Sharman was a five-time All-Star and an essential piece of the Celtics’ early championship runs, known for his shooting and defense.
  7. John Havlicek (Forward, 1962-1978) – “Hondo” was a relentless competitor and 13-time All-Star who played a pivotal role in eight Celtics championships during his career.
  8. Sam Jones (Guard, 1957-1969) – Jones won 10 NBA titles with the Celtics, showcasing his scoring prowess in clutch moments.
  9. Kevin Garnett (Forward, 2007-2013) – Garnett’s arrival in Boston helped the team win the 2008 NBA championship, and his defensive intensity and leadership left a lasting impact.
  10. Robert Parish (Center, 1980-1994) – “The Chief” was the Celtics’ rock in the paint during the 1980s and was part of three championship teams.
  11. Dennis Johnson (Guard, 1983-1990) – Johnson was a lockdown defender and a crucial component of the Celtics’ championship runs in the 1980s.
  12. Jo Jo White (Guard, 1969-1979) – White was a seven-time All-Star and played a significant role in two Celtics championships.
  13. Tom Heinsohn (Forward, 1956-1965) – Heinsohn won eight titles as a player and later became a successful Celtics coach.
  14. Reggie Lewis (Forward, 1987-1993) – Lewis was a rising star whose life was tragically cut short, but he left a lasting impact on the Celtics during his time.
  15. Don Nelson (Forward, 1965-1976) – Nelson was a versatile forward who won five championships with the Celtics.
  16. Ed Macauley (Center, 1949-1956) – Macauley was a seven-time All-Star and played a vital role in the early success of the franchise.
  17. Cedric Maxwell (Forward, 1977-1985) – Maxwell was a Finals MVP in 1981 and played a crucial role in the Celtics’ championships during the 1980s.
  18. Dave Cowens (Center, 1970-1980) – Cowens was a two-time MVP and helped lead the Celtics to two championships.
  19. Rajon Rondo (Guard, 2006-2014) – Rondo was known for his exceptional passing and basketball IQ, playing a key role in the 2008 championship run.
  20. Al Horford (Forward/Center, 2016-2019, 2021-Current) – Horford is a versatile big man who contributes on both ends of the floor, shooting 44.6% from three in his last season.

This ranking is subjective, and opinions may vary among Celtics fans and basketball enthusiasts. How did we do? Is anyone missing? Has Jayson Tatum edged his way in?

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