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Best 10-Game Starts For NHL Rookies

Ranking the top rookie starts in NHL history offers a fascinating glimpse into the early careers of some of hockey’s legends and stars. Here’s an expanded look at the best 10-game starts for NHL rookies, based on the modern era (since 1967-68).

  1. Wayne Babych (St. Louis Blues, 1978): Babych’s entry into the NHL was nothing short of spectacular. In his first 10 games, he amassed 19 points, comprising 8 goals and 11 assists. His +6 rating is a testament to his positive impact on the ice. His balanced approach to both scoring and assisting set a high bar for rookie performance.
  2. Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders, 1975): Trottier, a name synonymous with NHL greatness, also kicked off his career with 19 points, scoring 7 goals and providing 12 assists. His slightly lower goal count compared to Babych is balanced by his higher assist tally, showcasing his exceptional playmaking ability.
  3. Sergei Makarov (Calgary Flames, 1989): Makarov’s start was characterized by his remarkable playmaking skills, as evidenced by his 16 assists contributing to an 18-point haul. His +14 rating was outstanding, indicating a significant defensive as well as offensive contribution.
  4. Dmitri Kvartalnov (Boston Bruins, 1992): Kvartalnov’s 17 points (10 goals, 7 assists) showcased his sharpshooting skills. His goal-scoring ability was particularly notable, making him a key offensive player for the Bruins.
  5. Chris Valentine (Washington Capitals, 1981): Valentine matched Kvartalnov’s 17 points with 7 goals and 10 assists. His 33 penalty minutes suggest a gritty, physical style of play, adding another dimension to his game.
  6. Elias Pettersson (Vancouver Canucks, 2018): Pettersson announced himself with 16 points, including 10 goals. His +6 rating and considerable time on ice (178:06) indicated his importance to the Canucks right from the start.
  7. Nikolai Borschevsky (Toronto Maple Leafs, 1992): Borschevsky’s balanced offensive contribution (8 goals and 8 assists) and a strong +10 rating showed his ability to positively influence games in multiple ways.
  8. Dale Hawerchuk (Winnipeg Jets, 1981): Hawerchuk’s 16 points were evenly split between goals and assists. His +7 rating further underscores his effectiveness during his initial NHL games.
  9. Brian Propp (Philadelphia Flyers, 1979): Propp’s 16 points were slightly more assist-heavy (9 assists), showcasing his playmaking skills. His +6 rating and 2 game-winning goals highlight his key contributions in important moments.
  10. Joe Sakic (Quebec Nordiques, 1988): Sakic’s start was marked by 15 points, with a slight lean towards goal scoring (8 goals). Despite a -3 rating, his offensive talents were unmistakable and set the stage for a legendary career.

This ranking, while led by points scored, also considers the overall impact of each player in their respective roles, whether as a scorer, playmaker, or an all-around contributor. These rookies not only posted impressive numbers but also displayed qualities that hinted at their future success in the NHL.

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